I am a postgrad at the University of Bath studying for an MPhil by research in the field of Digital Architectonics. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail. Some of my software projects can be found on Github. You can also find my (infrequent) musings on Twitter.

14 July 2015 Python and GitHub OAuth2 Flow
13 July 2014 Jenkins and Nginx
16 May 2013 Github Pages
17 April 2013 SSH config and Git
29 January 2013 Javadoc and MathJax
20 January 2013 Building Plex Home Theatre on Arch Linux (Intel Atom 330)
14 January 2013 ~/.osx
19 December 2012 Meshes in Processing
12 December 2012 Another Test
26 October 1985 Test Post